Bundle wrapping is sometimes referred to as "bull's-eye wrapping" because of the opening on both ends of the finished package. Your product can be packaged with or without a tray or pad in multiple variations (4-packs, 6-packs, 24-packs, etc.). Typical applications include trays of soda, water, and canned goods.

Choose from fin or “tuck and fold” (often referred to as “cigarette-style”) seals, depending on your product and priorities. Fin seals are ideal for flat items like phone cards, trading cards, on packs, or promotional items, while “tuck and fold” works for games and DVD packages.

If you have a large project, we can help you with getting it done in time. Logistically we have to be located close to you or close to the destination of your product. We do have special relationships with other contract packagers throughout the U.S.

If you need shrink wrapping equipment, we can provide you with a wide variety of shrink wrapping equipment, we represent some of the best manufacturers.

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